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CEWEC 2009

The presentations from the 2009 New Ideas in Educating a Workforce in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency National Conference are listed below in alphabetical order by presenter.


The third New Ideas in Educating a Workforce in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Conference on November 18-20, 2009 in Albany, New York, opened to a sold out crowd of more than 500 educators, trainers, instructors, educational centers, and industry experts training the green workforce.  Attendees, from more than 36 states and five countries, including a German delegation of vocational education experts, heard from national speakers as they discussed green market growth and the corresponding need for a strong and well-trained workforce.  More than 70 conference presentations addressed job forecasts and labor profiles, state and federal workforce initiatives, career pathways, training partnerships, model curriculum, standards, and new approaches to training in the rapidly growing green economy.  IREC organized this national event, the third conference since 2006.


Barbara Anderegg, Ken Walz, Madison Area Technical College, Dr. Debra Rowe, U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development
A Model for Collaboration–Consortium for Education in Renewable Energy Technologies

Ezra Auerbach, North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
Practitioner Credentialing: the Elements of a High Quality Program
NABCEP’s Entry Level Exam–A successful program in evolution

Michael Arquin, KidWind Project
School Power Naturally—Wind Energy

E. Ian Baring-Gould, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Wind for Schools—A multi-level educational program

Dr. Marilyn Barger, Florida Regional Center for Manufacturing Education and Dr. Richard Gilbert, University of South Florida
Florida Advanced Technological Education Center

Leo Bedard, Massachusetts Clean Energy Tech School Task Force
Innovative Methods of Teaching Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency at Tech Schools

Matthew Bullwinkle, Michael E. Newton, Raghu Ramanathan, SUNY Canton
Hands-on Laboratory at SUNY Canton

Danielle Sass Byrnett, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Putting the Federal Government to Work: How existing (and future) federal programs and partnerships can support economic development and green jobs

Marybeth Campbell, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
Public Investment in a Green Economy

John Carrese, San Francisco Bay Region Center of Excellence, City College of San Francisco
Energy Efficiency Occupations Workforce Study:  San Francisco Bay Area

Virginia Carrig, Ulster Counter BOCES
Training the PV Workforce:  From the classroom to the field

Dr. Pam Page Carpenter, Dr. William DeLuca, North Carolina Solar Center, NC State University
GRID: Green Research for Incorporating Data in the Classroom

Jennifer Cleary, Rutgers University
Addressing Employer Skill Needs with Green Talent Networks in New Jersey

Melonee Docherty, Advanced Technology Environmental and Energy Center and Kirk Laflin, Partnership for Environmental Technology Education
Getting a Handle on Defining Green Jobs

Melonee Docherty, Advanced Technology Environmental and Energy Center
Resources for Sustainable Energy Technologies

Suri Duitch, City University of New York
Building a Green Energy Pathway for Education and Training

Jim Dunlop, Jim Dunlop Solar and Jerry Ventre, IREC
A Vision for Education and Workforce Development in the Photovoltaic Industry

Jim Dunlop, Jim Dunlop Solar, and John Harrison, David Block, Susan Schleith
Florida’s Solar Energy Workforce Development Program

Roger Ebbage, Lane Community College
Bringing Energy Efficiency to a Classroom Near You!

Adele Ferranti, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
NYSERDA’s Workforce Training Initiatives for Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy Technologies

Michelle Fox, U.S. Department of Energy
New Ideas in Educating a Workforce in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Pat Fox, Interstate Renewable Energy Council
Available Resources from IREC for Education and Training

Mark Frickel and Kevin Lynn, Sentech, Inc., in support of the U.S. Dept. of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Program
U.S. DOE Solar Installer Instructor Training—Creating a Nationwide Network

Mark Frickel, Sentech, Inc.
DOE Resources for EE and RE Education and Training

Barry Friedman, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
NREL PV Jobs/Labor Intensity Project

Janet Hughes, ADVEN LLC
Dual Instructor Model—Solar Installer Training Course Including Solar Instructor Training

Brian Hurd, East Los Angeles Skills Center/ Hands on Solar
Developing Effective Inner City Training Programs

Nick Hylla, Midwest Renewable Energy Association
A Partnership Model to Build Regional Renewable Energy Training Capacity in the Midwest

Philip Jordan, San Diego Imperial Region Center of Excellence at Cuyamaca College
Green Jobs Overview:  how to identify, classify and study

Anthony Joseph and Frank Surdey, New York State Department of Labor
New York State Clean Energy Industry:  labor market characteristics and workforce development

Ted Kantrowitz, Canadian Geoexchange Coalition
A GeoexchangeTM Market Standard for Green Practice

Ron Kamen, EarthKind Energy
Lessons Learned from the First Solar Hot Water Installations of New York State Weatherization Assistance Program

Dr. Richard Knaub, Veterans Green Jobs, and Demond Mullins, City University of New York
The Veterans Green Jobs Model—Accessing a field trained workforce

Kirk Laflin, Partnership for Environmental Technology Education
Available Resource for Education and Training

Chris LaForge, Midwest Renewable Energy Association
The Bridge Between Theory and the Real World

Daniel Lance, GE Energy Renewables, Global Training Leader
GE Wind Energy’s Experiences in Developing World Class Service Technicians

David Loomis, Illinois State University
Creating Partnerships Between Universities and Industry

Dr. Barbara Martin, Instructional Designer
The Essential Steps of Developing a Training Course

Mark Mrhos, SunPower Corporation
SunPower Certified Solar Professional Training Program

Steven Nadel, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE)
Energy Efficiency Prospects for the Next Decade and Implications for the Workforce

Mark Palmer, International Center for Appropriate & Sustainable Technology (iCAST)
Putting America to Work with Green Workforce Development

Beth Piggush, Connecticut Clean Energy Fund
Connecticut State Energy Programs Guide to Technical High School Training

Paul Quinlan, North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association
Establishing a Baseline—The North Carolina Industry Census

Dr. Frank C. Reed, Vermont Technical College
Developing and Delivering Comprehensive Weatherization Training for Vermont

Nicole Reed, White House Council on Environmental Quality, Representative, National Science Foundation
Recovery through Retrofit

Dr. Joan Richmond-Hall, Vermont Technical College
Green Workforce Certificate Training for College Students—An Innovative Educational Model

Debra Rowe, Oakland Community College, U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development
Education for a Green and Sustainable Future

Joseph Sarubbi, Hudson Valley Community College
TEC-SMART (Training and Education Center for Semi-Conductor Manufacturing and Alternative and Renewable Technologies)

Paul Shatsoff, Workforce Development Institute
Successful Partnerships for Building a Green Workforce in the Building & Construction Trades

Stephen Shelton, ADVEN, LLC
Dual Instructor Model—Solar Installer Training Course Including Solar Instructor Training

Peter Skinner, E2G Solar, Betsy Ferris Wyman and Luke Foster, SunDog Solar
Hands-on Teaching: Enhancing Understanding and Retention for Solar Thermal System Installers

Jeff Spies, AEE Solar
Photovoltaic Training—Maintaining Quality Education in a Rapidly Growing Industry

Mary Spilde, Lane Community College, and American Association of Community Colleges
The Community College Role in Green Energy

Clay Sterling, Midwest Renewable Energy Association
Hands-On Lab Courses at MREA

Jeffrey Stevens, Alfred State College
The Renewable Energy Training Center at Alfred State College—Accomplishments and Lessons Learned

Reid Strieby and Michael Seliger, Bronx Community College
Chicken and Eggs a La Bronx

Darryl Thayer, Darryl Thayer & Associates and DT Renewables, LLC
Training Tools for Electrical Safety and Troubleshooting PV Systems

Fernando Vega, John Brown University
Creating a Wide-Ranging Renewable Energy Workforce—A Bachelor of Science Degree in Renewable Energy for Engineering, Business and International Development

Dr. Ken Walz, Madison Area Technical College
Renewable Energy for International Development

Johnny Weiss, Solar Energy International
Meeting the Challenges of a Dynamically Growing Training Program

Jane Weissman, Interstate Renewable Energy Council
The Importance of the ISPQ International Credentialing Framework

Jane Weissman, Interstate Renewable Energy Council
Resources for Education and Training

David G. Wilson and Robert Welch, Lansing Community College
Job Producing Educational Opportunities in Alternative Energy at Lansing Community College

Larry Zarker, Building Performance Institute
128 Million Reasons to get BPI Certified

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